Fast Stain Solvent Based Timber Stain Set All 6 Classic Colours 1.5L


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Fast Stain Solvent Based Timber Stain Set All 6 Classic Colours 1.5L


Our range of Premium Timber Stains can be mixed, diluted, or used as is, create the perfect colour for your furniture, quick and easy with minimal materials and equipment. 

These Solvent based stains are great for mixing with French Polish and other furniture finishes. Stain the timber by directly applying it on the surface, or spray a toned finish over the top. With the ability to be mixed in any ratio, you can guarantee the perfect colour and outcome.


Approximately 10-20 square meters per litre, depending on porosity of timber.
*Based on 25°C and relative humidity of 50%
Re-coat: 30 mins when used neat, 1 hour when diluted Top coat: 30 mins when used neat, 12 hours when diluted
Test colour on an off cut or inconspicuous, colour can be altered by mixing other fast stains or diluted with FAST STAIN COLOUR REDUCER Apply stain in the direction of grain using a brush or rag, wipe excess with a CLEAN rag after 0-5 minutes depending on the desired results.


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