Shellac Flake Bucket Restorers Choice French Polishing Supplies

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Shellac Flake Bucket Restorers Choice French Polishing Supplies

To all the restorers, hobbyist and French Polishers looking for a bulk discount on their Shellac Flakes, check out this bulk 1.5 kg bucket with a snap on lid that ensure the longest shelf life possible. We’ve made it easier than ever to use and store your workshop supplies, just open up, scoop what you need, close it shut, and back on the shelf for next time.

Shellac is an excellent choice for polishers of any experience level. French polishing is the process of applying many thin layers of shellac to create a superior high shine and contrast the natural deep colours of any timber. Many would agree that no other method of timber protection is as desirable as traditional French polish. Shellac is the main, and most important material you will need to complete the process, Denatured Absolute Alcohol is also a must have material for fast and easy French polishing. We recommend 100% Denatured Absolute Alcohol and NOT Methylated Spirits, READ WHY HERE


Why choose Restorers Choice Shellac?

Shellac is an organic material and must be stored below 14 degrees to ensure the product stays fresh and usable. Shellac purchased from hardware stores often sits on shelves for months, facing harsh summer temperatures, decrease shelf life and causing issues when dissolving and drying.

All Restores Choice shellac is stored in temperature-controlled containers from India, kept at 8 degrees or below in our storage facility, and shipped in heat protective foil all the way to your door. The extra length we go sets us apart from your average hardware store, guaranteeing a quality product.


  • Variable quantity options
  • 100% natural and non toxic
  • Creates a gentle blonde glow
  • Correct storage (guaranteed extended shelf life)
  • Next day dispatch
  • Creates a superior shine and finish
  • Enhances natural colour and grain patterns
  • A trusted timber finish for over 150 years
  • Full money back guarantee if not satisfied


This shellac is also available in a pre-made liquid form. Skip the waiting time with a ready made, filtered solution of shellac, available in 1 litre bottles and 9 different colours



Restorers Choice

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

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