Wood Strip Paint Stripper – Callington Haven 4L, 20L


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Wood strip paint stripper is a solvent based, non-caustic, heavy bodied paint remover. It is carefully formulated for the furniture restoration industry to avoid discoloration and darkening to delicate timbers. It contains evaporation retarders and thickeners. 
Its primary use is for the professional renovation of antique and old furniture pieces, doors, window frames, architraves, skirting boards and all building joinery. 


Simply apply one thick coat of paint stripper using a soft brush onto the desired surface. Callington Haven paint stripper has a great vertical holdout making it a fantastic product to strip vertical objects for example door frames, doors, walls and skirting boards.


Does NOT contain Phenol or Hydrofluoric acid. Made from a blend of high quality products. This stripper will not darken any spiecies of timber. Water washable. Used professionally by furniture restorers.


Appearance : Clear viscous

liquid Odour : Ammoniated

Specific Gravity : 1.18

Shelf Life : Up to 12 months

Storage : Store in a cool place and  out of direct sunlight



-4L OR 20L DRUM-


Restorer’s Choice Furniture Restoration
For almost 40 years Michael Collin has restored and repaired a vast variety of furniture. We therefore possess the knowledge to develop a product that can comfortably guarantee it’s performance. Michael Collin has created a range of products each shaped by decades of practice in the furniture restoration industry. Thousands of different jobs have been in and out of workshop leaving virtually every customer fulfilled with a piece of furniture they now love. This same sense of passion and care is applied to every piece of our merchandise, providing you with the perfect polish, wax or other restoration materials.

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Weight25 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 40 cm

20L, 4L


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