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dark Jacobean microcrystalline wax that is perfect for darker pieces, great at filling small cracks that appear overtime and adds a beautiful lustre to any pieces that have faded or dried over the years. This wax will add extra protection to the timber extending the life of your loved furniture. Handmade and poured into the can by hand to ensure every batch is made with quality and care.

Microcrystalline Wax is often preferred over beeswax as its low Ph will not darken or yellow the timber over time, the wax enhances the natural colour of the timber rather than changing the original, it is widely used by Museums, Restorers and Art Conservationists as it as its protective abilities significantly increases the life expectancy of the piece.


All our wax products include 10 grams of Australian made, extra fine SIFA wire wool. The wire wool that we provide can be used to apply the first coat of wax to any soiled areas of the furniture.








Make sure the surface is clean from oils and silicone polish, this can affect the quality of the finish.

Using a small piece of lint free cloth, old tee-shirt or similar, apply a even coat of wax making sure you have no lumps, let dry for 1 hour depending on the room temperature. Buff with a new cloth, the more you buff the better the finish. Repeat the process again, with slightly less wax for a higher shine.

For soiled areas use a piece of extra fine wire wool “0000”. When applying the first coat of wax. Please note that with course grained timber sometimes the wax will be a bit smudgy ,buff again the next day.

All waxes take time to harden buffing over a long period of time (once a mouth with no need to apply more wax) will make the piece more beautiful.


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For almost 40 years Michael Collin has restored and repaired a vast variety of furniture. We therefore possess the knowledge to develop a product that can comfortably guarantee it’s performance. Michael Collin has created a range of products each shaped by decades of practice in the furniture restoration industry. Thousands of different jobs have been in and out of workshop leaving virtually every customer fulfilled with a piece of furniture they now love. This same sense of passion and care is applied to every piece of our merchandise, providing you with the perfect polish, wax or other restoration materials.

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