FRENCH POLISHING KIT for Restoration with Shellac DAA Beeswax Wire Wool +more


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Furniture restoration and French polishing made easy with Restorers Choice. 

French polishing kit includes:

-250 grams of Waxy Orange Shellac

-1 Litre of Denatured Absolute Alcohol (DAA)

-2.2 litre mixing bucket with a snap shut lid

-1x 100 gram SIFA Super Fine Wire Wool

-1x Restorers Choice 100% natural beeswax (Jacobean)

-1 Metre of 100% cotton polishing cloth

 How to Use

1/ Simply mix the 250 grams of shellac and the 1 litre DAA into the mixing bucket, attach lid and leave until fully dissolved, the combo kit is already the correct mixing ratio of 1:4 so there is no need to mess around with scales or jugs to achieve the right ratio, we’ve done it for you!

2/ Apply the Shellac (now in liquid form) to the desired piece of furniture using a mop headed bush or spray gun. Repeat the process 3-5 times, slightly sanding between each coat (400 grit sandpaper)

3/ For a more mellow finish, allow a day or two for the shellac to dry, using a dry piece of the wire wool, rub over the furniture to decrease the shine, remove all dust and apply the Restorers Choice beeswax, buff the wax until the desired shine has been achieved.

4/ When looking after the furniture apply the Restorers Choice beeswax using the Super Fine Wire Wool. Smear thin coat of beeswax over the chair and wait 10 minutes.

5/ Cut the polishing cloth into a small square and use it to buff the beeswax into the furniture. Repeat this process until the desired amount of shine is achieved.

This kit can be used multiply times. If leftover shellac remains, it can be stored in an airtight plastic bottle and has a shelf life of 1-2 years, keep in a cool dry place for longest shelf life. 


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