BLEACHED WHITE SHELLAC pre-made solution dewaxed french polish 1 litre bottle


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100% natural pre-made shellac solution to save you both time and effort. Ready to apply with no stress or complications, this is the perfect product for all beginner French polishers or professionals. Pre-made by professionals to so no waiting is necessary, simply apply using desired method, polishing rubber, spray gun or brush. This solution can be diluted if necessary, simply add the desired amount of denatured absolute alcohol (DAA)


–  The easiest way to buy and use Shellac

–  Only 15 minutes between coats (may vary depending on application)

–  Made with 100% Denatured Absolute Alcohol to reduce blooming in wet weather

–  9 colours available via

–  Bottled in NSW, Australia


This product will create a Superior clear finish to enhance the appearance and protection of all timber species with a gentle amber glow. The product will be shipped in heat reflecting foil greatly reducing the chance of heat or sunlight from effecting the quality of the product. This product will create a Superior clear finish to enhance the appearance and protection of all timber species. Made in India, the home of shellac, from the highest quality stick lack to guarantee an impurity free product. Hand made by professionals with over 35 years experience, guaranteed to to create a superior finish to all your projects big or small.






Restorer’s Choice Furniture Restoration
For almost 40 years Michael Collin has restored and repaired a vast variety of furniture. We therefore possess the knowledge to develop a product that can comfortably guarantee it’s performance. Michael Collin has created a range of products each shaped by decades of practice in the furniture restoration industry. Thousands of different jobs have been in and out of workshop leaving virtually every customer fulfilled with a piece of furniture they now love. This same sense of passion and care is applied to every piece of our merchandise, providing you with the perfect polish, wax or other restoration materials.

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