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before and after wood strip paint stripper varnish remover

Paint & Varnish Removal: The 4 step guide for easy paint stripping

Paint/varnish removal can be daunting if your inexperienced, but its an essential part of the process when restoring timber furniture. Aged furniture is often thrown out and replaced without a second thought, but this is wasteful, costly, and unsustainable. At Restorers’ Choice, we think its important to protect and preserve, not replace; that’s why we […]

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callington haven pro grade stripper


Open Paint Stripper can slowly to avoid sudden pressure release. If the painted surface is oily or soiled, wash down with a degreasing solution or with warm waterwith dish washing detergent. Carefully pour a working quantity of Paint Stripper into an open top container. With a soft brush, apply a generous, thick coat of Paint […]

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