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before and after wood strip paint stripper varnish remover

Paint & Varnish Removal: The 4 step guide for easy paint stripping

Paint/varnish removal can be daunting if your inexperienced, but its an essential part of the process when restoring timber furniture. Aged furniture is often thrown out and replaced without a second thought, but this is wasteful, costly, and unsustainable. At Restorers’ Choice, we think its important to protect and preserve, not replace; that’s why we […]

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wax melter glue pot

how to prepare and use animal hide glue, a step by step guide

The glue used for this guide is JOINERS GLUE – PROTEIN GLUE, STRONG HOLD ANIMAL GLUE but is accurate for most fine powder animal glues Firstly, cleanliness is essential before, during & after use of all protein glues. Wash out all utensils and brushes in hot water. If in doubt clean it again. I use […]

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wood strip callington haven australia restoration woodstripper 4L

how to use woodstrip paint stripper

Paint Stripping can be tricky if you lack the necessary knowledge and experience, but don’t let that discourage you from tackling custom furniture flip or home renovation. At Restorers Choice, we want you to paint strip with confidence, by following the step by step guide below, you can strip easily and efficiently. Which Paint Stripper […]

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