How to restore, rejuvenate & rehydrate Mid-century furniture

How to restore, rejuvenate & rehydrate Mid-century furniture

How to restore, rejuvenate & rehydrate Mid-century furniture The Mid-century modern style is as popular as ever, and based on how the style has remained popular over the years, it’s obvious that it’s here to stay. But how do we ensure the furniture physically survives the next few decades? You may think your worn and […]

How to repair and protect timber with Furniture Wax

Rejuvenating Timber with Furniture Wax By Restorers Choice

Learn how to rejuvenate and moisturise your timber furniture with Restorers Choice! Read how to apply our waxes to your furniture, no experience required! Your furniture and antiques may look like they need a full restoration, but sometime all it takes is quick polish to bring it back to life. The amazing abilities of furniture […]

How to Use Woodstrip Paint Stripper

Paint Stripping can be tricky if you lack the necessary knowledge and experience, but don’t let that discourage you from tackling custom furniture flip or home renovation. At Restorers Choice, we want you to paint strip with confidence, by following the step by step guide below, you can strip easily and efficiently. Which Paint Stripper […]

How to Use Professional Grade Paint Stripper

callington haven pro grade stripper

1/  Open Paint Stripper can slowly to avoid sudden pressure release. 2/  If the painted surface is oily or soiled, wash down with a de-greasing solution or with warm water with dish washing detergent. 3/  Carefully pour a working quantity of Paint Stripper into an open top container. 4/  With a soft brush, apply a […]

A Few Quick Tips For Using Different Grades Of Steel Wool

SIFA steel wool australia restoration

When using steel wool it’s important to understand the different grades that are available. SIFA Steel Wool offers 4 different grades that cover a range of jobs and choosing the right one is key to getting the desired finish: Super Fine (0000) Used extensively for French polishing & antique restoration. This grade is used to […]