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Short and helpful tips for using some of our products

wax melter glue pot

how to prepare and use animal hide glue, a step by step guide

The glue used for this guide is JOINERS GLUE – PROTEIN GLUE, STRONG HOLD ANIMAL GLUE but is accurate for most fine powder animal glues Firstly, cleanliness is essential before, during & after use of all protein glues. Wash out all utensils and brushes in hot water. If in doubt clean it again. I use […]

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why denatured alcohol will cuase problems with french polish and the simple solution

Why methylated spirits will cause problems when French polishing, and what is the solution?

Any experienced polisher knows that French Polishing is a form of art. Mistakes are easily made when using shellac and nothing is more frustrating than having to redo hours’ worth of work to fix problems that you think are out of your control, but more times than not, these problems are completely avoidable. Some common […]

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callington haven pro grade stripper


Open Paint Stripper can slowly to avoid sudden pressure release. If the painted surface is oily or soiled, wash down with a degreasing solution or with warm waterwith dish washing detergent. Carefully pour a working quantity of Paint Stripper into an open top container. With a soft brush, apply a generous, thick coat of Paint […]

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sifa coarse steel wool furniture restoration products australia sydney online

Do They Still Make SIFA Steel Wool?

Since recently cutting ties with one of their largest distributors, we've heard many many rumors about SIFA no longer selling their high-quality steel wool products. Wrong. Restorer's Choice remains one of a select few retailers delivering this Australian made product to professionals everywhere. Steel wool offers a range of great uses in wood & antique [...]
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SIFA steel wool australia restoration

A Few Quick Tips For Using Different Grades Of Steel Wool

When using steel wool it’s important to understand the different grades that are available. SIFA Steel Wool offers 4 different grades that cover a range of jobs and choosing the right one is key to getting the desired finish: Super Fine (0000) Used extensively for French polishing & antique restoration. This grade is used to […]

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