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A Few Quick Tips For Using Different Grades Of Steel Wool

SIFA steel wool australia restoration

When using steel wool it’s important to understand the different grades that are available. SIFA Steel Wool offers 4 different grades that cover a range of jobs and choosing the right one is key to getting the desired finish:

Super Fine (0000)

Used extensively for French polishing & antique restoration. This grade is used to finish and/or buff fine woodwork with or without the use of waxes and oils. Polishes bright metals and removes dirt from glass.

Fine (00-0)

Removes stain from wooden floors. Smooths finishes between coats. Restores aluminium to original appearance. Cleans vinyl and tiled floors.

Medium (1)

Prepares surfaces before painting. Cleans cast and wrought iron. Cleans copper pipes and fittings.

Coarse (2-3)

Removes wax build-up from wooden surfaces. Removes paint from awkward corners. Strips lacquer, paint and varnish from woodwork. Cleans barbecue grills.

SIFA steel wool is the only steel wool made in Australia. Only 2 machines exist, and they are both at SIFA. The wool is made by passing a steel wire over multiple blades shaving off long, thin stands. The strands are rolled “wheel” allowing for the wool to be easily accessed and cut into size. The different grades of steel wool are made by adjusting the pressure of the blade and graded by eye and the feel of the wool. The finer the grade the gentler the action. Coarser grades are for removing heavy grime or cutting back surfaces in disrepair.

Unlike cheap imports, SIFA does not use cutting oil in its process. Oils can and will cause problems with oil contamination between coats and waxing.

Always use scissors to cut the steel wool, attempting to tear the steel wool will result in deep cuts. Many refinishers will testify to this including myself and the emergency department that had to deal with it!

At Restorers’ Choice we have a wide range of SIFA products  available and a dedicated team of professionals ready to give you the right advice!